Is your son or daughter enrolled in AP or Honors courses in high school?  If so, surely they can tell you that the content and the pace of learning is quite a bit different and more challenging than standard courses.   Getting good grades in these classes, and getting high scores on AP tests in May, help colleges screen candidates for admission.

AP courses can be particularly daunting.  In 2016, nearly 500 high school students in the Winchester area sat for one or more AP tests.  60% of these students performed reasonably well, but nearly 40% of these students failed to achieve a standardized test score of 3 or better.  Performing well sends the unmistakable message that the student is probably prepared for college level course work.  Performing poorly, unfortunately sends a message that perhaps the student is not yet ready to succeed in a competitive college.

At Hometown Learning Centers ® we created focused study groups enrolled in Calculus AB, and in World History AP courses in order to support them and help them achieve the best grades for which they are capable.  Find out more.  Let us work with your son or daughter to help them achieve the best possible outcome for the AP or Honors courses for which they are enrolled. 

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Honors Tutoring in AP Calculus 

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