We live in an increasingly technology-driven society.  This one fact alone shows how important math skills are to the future of our youth.   To prepare our children for the types of careers that will be available when they are adults, we must make them proficient in math.  This places extra stress on parents, obviously, as they try to help their child achieve in math on top of all of the other demands upon their schedule, energy and patience.

What kind of careers do parents need to prepare their children for, say, by 2025?  Try some of these job titles:   Personal Digital Curator,  Microbial Balancer,  Alternative Currency Speculator, Crowdfunding Specialist, Robotics, etc.   Most of these jobs haven't even been invented yet, so how are our kids to prepare for them (1). 

The answer is to be sure of the basics--subjects such as math, reading and language (computer being one such language).  Add to that the need for high emotional intelligence and social skills (because the world is shrinking) and you have the skills essential to help our children prepare for future careers.

Jobs that will disappear include positions such as salespersons, real estate agents, telemarketers, accountants and auditors and word processors (2).  To find out more about why these jobs will disappear and others will be invented, follow the link below.  

Because math skills are so essential to the future of our children, Hometown Learning Centers offers affordable and flexible programs to achieve that end.  We are dedicated to helping children meet the future with confidence and security.  Why are we so affordable and flexible?  Because we really do care.

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​​Whether your child needs a leg-up in their math skills or they are longing to be challenged through enrichment, we are the learning center for you!   Math is an essential skill for your children to conquer if they are to succeed in their academic endeavors as well as future career plans.

To aid your child, we provide a unique ​hometown learning path℠ for each child.  Through carefully designed assessments, we target your child's gaps in knowledge, their weaknesses and their strengths.  We then build a learning path around their results and work with your child to gain a love of learning, confidence in their skills, and an enjoyment of math.

​Call today to find out more about our programs in all math levels.  You will be delighted with our services, our flexibility and our affordable program structure.


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