Barbara & Jim Eberle are Winchester Virginia residents and own and operate Winchester’s only tutoring center.  The Eberle’s bring unique skills and experience to this new business venture. They have been married for 45 years, having met in high school.  They have three adult children and five grandchildren.  Having navigated the challenges of parenting, and having successful careers, both Barbara and Jim are thrilled and enthusiastic about the prospects of being able to help younger parents help their children.

Barbara earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, University College in 1994, (Magna Cum Laude), member of Phi Kappa Phi, and went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Family Psychology from Norwich University in 1997.  She studied child maltreatment and its effects on human development across the life-span.  Barbara next pursued seminary studies and obtained her Ordination as a Nondenominational Minister specializing in Ministerial Counseling.  She next operated a successful family counseling practice while volunteering as a Child Advocate in Montgomery County Maryland.  In 2014, Barbara took leave to devote time to writing a book about her family of origin.  Still a work in progress, the book tells the story of Barbara and her ten siblings, all girls, (yes a family of eleven girls!) and their lifelong challenges due to growing up in the system.

Barbara was the principal parent educator in the Eberle household, having steered all three of their children through various school environments, home school experiences and ultimately leading to college degrees for all three children.  Barbara knows first hand the challenges that many parents face regarding keeping children safe, keeping them focused on education, and teaching them ways to develop healthy interpersonal skills. 

Following a brief stint as a St. Louis policeman,  Jim earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a degree in accounting.  Upon graduation, Jim began what developed into a 35 year career as a Certified Public Accountant.  Throughout his career, he provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies; lead teams of consultants on various engagements; served on various management and executive committees; and lectured frequently to employees and clients alike. From 2004 through 2014, Jim, along with a few partners, became the founding partners of a national tax consulting business that focused on distressed as well as healthy companies.  Today this consulting business employs hundreds of professionals and has offices throughout the United States as well as various international locations. Jim has been a licensed CPA in multiple jurisdictions, including Missouri, Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.  He previously served as Board Member and Treasurer of Grace Hill  (a St. Louis Mo. non-profit ) as well as a board member of the Nursery Foundation (also a St. Louis, Mo. non-profit.)

Barbara and Jim saw first hand the intense competitive pressures and skills that today’s high school and college graduates face.   They also saw the pressures all parents face in trying to successfully raise their children.  So, they decided to combine their considerable yet divergent talents and created Hometown Learning Centers ® (“HLC”) in early 2015. They saw opportunities to share with today’s parents some of the successes that they experienced.  They saw ways to help parents see and prepare for the harsh realities of global competition that all students will face someday. They saw ways to help today’s students see the relevance and purpose behind subjects taught in classrooms.  They also saw how education has evolved over the past few decades, yet also saw how achievement scores continued to disappoint.  

The Eberle’s look forward to helping you help your children.

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