​​​​​100 Point Improvement Guaranteed on SAT

SAT Prep Courses Guarantee

Hometown Learning Centers (HLC) is committed to each student and is confident that its SAT instructors, methods, and proprietary materials and processes will enable each student to significantly improve his or her performance on the SAT test.  Subject to the terms and conditions of this guarantee, HLC issues the following guarantee:


Students enrolled in the comprehensive SAT preparation course who don’t improve their overall SAT score by 100 points over their Baseline score, as evidenced by an official College Board Score Report sent directly to HLC, on the SAT test administered by the College Board immediately following the completion date of the Comprehensive Course for which a student is enrolled, and who completes all Requirements of the HLC SAT Comprehensive Course (Course) shall be entitled to Retake the Course, subject to availability, at no additional cost or entitled to a refund of the cost of the Course in accordance with the proration schedule contained herein.


The Requirements of the Course are:

  • In order for HLC to determine a Student’s Baseline score, prior to commencement of the Course, Student shall provide HLC a copy of his/her most recent SAT Score Report or PSAT Score Report. In certain instances HLC will modify the PSAT score of the Student. If no Report is available, then Student shall complete an SAT practice test, proctored and scored by HLC and such score shall become the Student’s baseline for measuring improvement.
  • Student shall attend all Course sessions for the entire duration of each session.
  • Student shall complete and submit (timely) all weekly homework assigned by HLC instructors.
  • Student shall complete the HLC regularly scheduled progress SAT practice test; and
  • Student shall download the official College Board SAT Question of the Day application and submit results weekly to HLC.

 No other guarantees or warranties, verbal or otherwise, are implied or expressed.  HLC assumes no other liability, expense or cost related hereto. 




Additional Conditions:  The HLC 100 point guarantee shall only apply to students that have a Baseline score of less than 1340. Guarantee shall apply only for those students enrolled in the appropriate comprehensive SAT preparation course as indicated by their baseline score. All requests for Refund or Retake shall be submitted to HLC in writing within 90 days of the SAT test date immediately following the completion of the Comprehensive Course attended by Student.  Customer’s account for any services provided by HLC must be fully paid, with no balance due.  Total Refund is limited to the actual amount paid by Customer, net of any discounts or promotional considerations.  Prorated discounts are similarly based on actual amounts paid by Customers.  No Refund or Retake is available to any Customer in the event that the Student fails to timely register for the SAT, or who fails to sit for all or any portion of the SAT test, or for any instance in which the College Board withholds or declines to report test results.  Score improvement means the College Board’s reported Total Score improvement on the SAT, without regard for the separate scores for the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.