The staff of Hometown Learning Centers is delighted when we make children smile, and we are even more excited when we make parents and teachers smile.  Below is a letter from one of our student's teachers.  Roberta's teacher is happy to see the progress she is making in her classroom and so are we!!

Good Afternoon, (Hometown Learning Center Tutor)

Attached is a list of math concepts that Roberta will be studying this spring. She has really thrived in the classroom, is more confident, and asks questions when needed. I especially notice when she has received an introduction to the concepts prior to my lessons. She is able to connect with her background knowledge and understands concepts quicker.

Thanks for working together to help Roberta reach her goals.


Sandy Jones


​Hometown Learning Centers 

Dear Mr. Eberle

I am sure your new tutoring business is going to flourish!  As a home educator, and former school counselor, you are doing all the right things to accommodate kids in their process of learning.  As a parent, I am encouraged to see a tutoring business passionate about people and helping them achieve their goals!  

My son Jacob has worked with many tutors during our homeschooling journey.  Hands down, the tutoring service you provide has surpassed them all by far!  I requested to work with the same tutors as much as possible to provide continuity.  Michael, your Winchester Center Director has done just that.  Michael devised a personalized plan of action for math, just to meet Jacob's needs.

Michael knows about our situation and has gone out of his way to accommodate our schedule.  In fact, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty so to speak, to provide just the tutoring my son needs.  In fact, every tutor with whom my son has worked, has been excellent! He primarily works with Matthew and Paula.  Both are extraordinarily competent.  Matthew has given my son a new perspective on math because of Matthew's passion for the subject!  My son LOVES to hear about how and why a topic will be useful to him in the future.  He brings math to life for Jacob by showing him the big picture. 

I can't thank Michael enough for respecting my son as an individual and his educational needs.  I'm not sure how you pulled your team of employees together, but you have certainly chosen winners!  They are great! 


Ms. B. Davis


​Tutoring Services

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