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An excellent tutor is capable of supporting their students because they are able to work with students outside of two systems:  the family system and the school system.  This unique role allows a motivated tutor to work with the family, the school and the student, the three most important aspects of a child's learning experience.  In this role, and with input from family and teachers, our tutors can make each learning session relevant to a student's learning style and interest, focusing on strengths, and building skills that minimize weaknesses.  Put all of this together and you have a formula that equals success.  This satisfies the school and the family! This empowers our students!

At Hometown Learning Centers, we employ "excellent" tutors, capable of working with their students with the flexibility, encouragement, dedication, creativity and determination necessary to help a child, young adult or graduate student succeed in their academic endeavors.  

We currently tutor math, all levels, language arts, SAT/ACT Prep, homeschoolers, and individualized tutoring programs as required.

Hometown Learning Centers

Hometown Learning Centers is proud to announce the opening of our new tutoring and learning center in Charlottesville, VA. Our experiences of offering a personalized hometown learning experience for each of our students has proven so rewarding for us and our staff and so successful for our clients that we have expanding our services and have opened our second tutoring center in your very hometown, Charlottesville, VA.  

Nothing can be more productive than providing a student with a sense of community, continuity, security, encouragement and validation as they grow academically and personally through the achievement of successful outcomes in their learning experiences.   We pride ourselves in providing this and more.

Our staff looks ​forward to meeting each and every one of you and showing you how we can make a difference in your child's academic outlook and experience.  We hire only the most qualified tutors who are capable of working with our students 

Feel free to call our Center Director, Cathy Polly at 434-529-8501 to see how we can be of service.  You will be glad you did.  Or, just drop in.  We are open 7 days a week to be of service to you.

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Tutoring Charlottesville, VA

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​Tutoring From Elementary School, Through High School, College and Graduate School